This will be the main body of your website.

You can edit everything on this page
from your control pannel

This new software will allow you to install a blog, video-blog, website, or sales page in seconds.
You will find Magic Video Site Maker very user friendly. In fact you probably won`t even need the included manual and instruction video because it`s so simple to use.

Magic Video Site Maker will harvest youtube videos based on your keyword stored in the control pannel. It will display those videos on your site, blog or sales page automatically. You can control the site style templates seperately from the site-type control. This allows you to apply all the style templates to each site-type.

This powerful feature lets you turn your site instantly into a completely new looking site, without editing anything, uploading anything, or spending any time. Just select a new template for style from the drop-down menu and then click save ! The site-type selection works the same. One click to change the whole site... without any page or script edits what-so-ever.

Magic Video Site Maker brings the power of niche video site building together with an easy-to-use interface. Having one system that controls the whole site puts this software light-years ahead of the competition. Niche Video Site Builder is very popular, yet it only has ONE of the features found in Magic Video Site Maker, AND... you have to edit Niche Video Site Builder BY HAND editing php scripts ! Who has time to do that ? Forget it ! With Magic Video Site Maker, you not only get more features, but you get a browser installer that takes 45 seconds to install your site with ! You also get to control the entire site for content, style, type , meta-tags, title, links, youtube videos, membership accounts and more... ALL from the Control Pannel.

One of the most valuable new features that you won`t find with ANY OTHER software is the fact that you have a FULL membership site included in the system, that you can have people join from your sales page, video-blog, blog, or website. You have full control over membership accounts in the control pannel, so you can delete users, email members, and view time and date they joined... and see a real-time members counter as well to know how many members you have signed-up.

So, all together... Magic Video Site Maker has the ability to be a blog, a niche video site, a normal website, a sales page, a video blog, AND a membership site at the same time !! PLUS it`s all easy to edit and change style or content in the administrator`s control pannel ! Neither Word Press nor Niche Video Site Builder have these abilities... and if you throw in the browser installer then you`ve got some serious fire power ! Not to mention the time you`ll save building niche blogs, websites and sales pages ! Take a look at the demo videos. I think you`ll be very impressed with this new software. You can turn your site into a blog, video-site, website or sales page... and you can alter the templates and appearance even after you have installed the site and filled it with content ! The site will change but it will leave your content in tact. Please contact us if you have any questions about Magic Video Site Maker.